We often read about successful and flourishing CEOs in the news and rightfully have a curiosity about how they got that way, as well as how they continue to maintain their status. The daily habits of successful people are one of the most talked-about subjects. In addition to having a strong work ethic, ancestral or genetic good fortune, and multiple network connections, there are also rituals in place that help successful people focus and reset each day, both mentally and physically. 

Contrary to popular belief, successful people do not hit the ground running concerning work-related duties. They don’t instantly check emails or check voicemail the instant they arise. Their day begins with mindfulness or another self-care exercise. For some, that could also mean intense physical activity, which helps people think more clearly, be healthier, and happier. Aerobic activity is one of the ways that successful people prep themselves to combat stress throughout the day.

However, taking all of this into account, this does not mean they will not be the first people in the office. Successful people tend to make time for moments of reflection and self-care by waking up incredibly early, about two hours ahead of the average employee. This way, they can show up to the office fully charged and ready to take on the day. They also take their sleep routines very seriously by adhering to the recommended eight hours a night. Many famous CEOS and Magnates have trained their bodies to wake up naturally. For those who use an alarm, there is never a snooze button. By getting out of bed right away, they know they are avoiding the detriment that can be brought on by snooze sleep. Although it appears restful, the constant interrupting of REM cycles is detrimental to you and is why you feel less rested. It also confuses your body regarding the natural sleep-wake process. 

Another habit that successful people can do is take on unfavorable tasks right away, as opposed to procrastinating. The phrase eat the frog means to tackle the most unpleasant thing first-hand. Everything in comparison will be easier once you’ve tackled the most unpleasant task of the day.